Strengths Assessment

A Strengths-Based Campus

Guiding students with knowledge about their best qualities to help them have a bright future in the professional world.

Ohio Wesleyan University is now a strengths-based campus. Our goal is to incorporate your strengths into your academic career to help you be as successful as possible. Our strengths team will help you use your strengths to get internships, improve your resumes, and help you find a better understanding of yourself and your unique capabilities.

Learn how YOU can integrate your strengths and leverage your top talents to perform at your best. This assessment is available to all students, faculty, staff, and anyone with an OWU email address.

OWU Strengths Assessment:

Sometimes understanding your strengths and how to use them can be difficult. Sign up to have a 1:1 Strengths Conversation with someone on our Strengths Team to help you understand what makes you, you! Email

Our goal at OWU is to encourage and inspire a shared language for understanding ourselves and each other as we deepen engagement, increase self-confidence, and support the Ohio Wesleyan’s “ultimate purpose of equipping students with knowledge, competence, and character for leadership, service, and continued learning in a complex and increasingly global society.”

With the OWU Strengths Assessment, we aim to:

  • Create a campus environment focused on strengths that empowers students, faculty, and staff with a common language to be more strategic, inclusive, collaborative, and exceptional.
  • Understand and use OWU Strengths so that we can achieve greater collaborative success as individuals and as an institution.
  • Give students, faculty & staff the tools/language to better understand themselves.
  • Develop effective and confident leaders who can positively influence the world.
  • Energize and inspire all members of the campus community so that everyone sees their strengths as valuable to both themselves and OWU’s mission

OWU Strengths Team

Ohio Wesleyan University has a diverse team of staff, faculty, and students who are committed to creating a Strengths Based Campus. This team provides the leadership and support of this initiative. Please reach out to or contact these individuals with questions, presentation requests, and more!


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