OWU Career Connection is dedicated to assisting students and alumni from diverse affiliations, backgrounds, identities, and life experiences in achieving their career and professional aspirations. By becoming a part of the BIPOC Identity Community, you will gain access to valuable information about opportunities, narratives, mentors, and resources tailored to diverse needs.

Career Connection and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color)

Consider your own experience as a diverse individual. What experiences can you share with an employer that would be beneficial to the mission and purpose of the organization you have an interest in pursuing?

  • Resume: Highlight academic and professional diversity-related connections and leadership experience you have. Do you speak another language? This is a resume bonus.
  • Cover Letter: You can identify as a diverse student in your cover letter and explain why your diversity could be an important asset in the job/internship you are applying for – especially if it’s in an industry or field of study that you are not typically represented in.
  • Interview: Ask your interviewer about the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion or explain your desire to work for an organization that values them.
  • Illegal Interview Questions: Did you know that it’s against the law for employers to ask you certain questions during a job interview? To learn more about what topics are no-goes and what to do if you are asked about them, review Columbia University’s article on Illegal Questions and How to Respond.

You can ask current employees about their feelings on their employer’s commitment to DEI Initiatives. Additionally, there are resources to see if your potential employer is a place that fosters diversity, equality and inclusion.

Additionally, you can also use the employer’s website to check on their behavior surrounding DEI.

  • Is the organization on the Diversity Inc’s Top 50 lists for their diversity policies and programs?
  • Are there any programs or resources for employees focused around issues of concern or for specific groups?
  • What do others (peers, alumni, current employees) say about the organization’s culture? However, it is important to keep in mind that these are opinions, can be good or bad and might come with other context that you might not be able to know.

Securing an opportunity in the professional workforce is all about who you know. See networking opportunities below:

  • Connect with an Alumni Partner: OWU has over 80 Alumni Partners who are eager to help students! If you need help or would like a member of the Career Connection Team to help you connect with one, let us know.
  • Find Mentors and Role Models: One of the most important components of career advancement is mentorship. Seeking out mentors to provide you with guidance, learning about their experience and offer support as you navigate your first steps into the professional world offers you the chance to understand the professional landscape more effectively.
  • Build a Robust Professional Network: Building this network early in your career has many advantages – high on that list is in job searching! You can join professional networks, attend industry conferences and actively engaging with online professional communities to expand your network off of OWU’s campus.
  • Self Advocacy: Do not be afraid to speak up about your achievements. Learn about your Strengths and plan for the future. People generally want to help and be a resource as you consider your career goals!
  • Get Involved With Causes That Matter to YOU: Nothing brings people together like working towards a common goal – OWU has many on-campus organizations with different areas of interests. Making a connection through shared interests can be a huge advantage when you’re venturing out into the professional world yourself!


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