Write a Resume or Cover Letter

Writing a Resume or Cover Letter

The resume is an important marketing tool that provides a summary of your education, skills, experience, achievements, and leadership. A well-written resume should highlight experiences that are relevant to the job, internship, or program for which you are applying and should be tailored to the job description. The primary purpose of a resume is to get an interview. The goal is to move the employer to contact you.


  • E-mail | Phone Number | City, State (optional) | LinkedIn (optional)

Describe your unique skills, attributes, and what you can offer the employer.
Sample format: [Descriptor] and [Descriptor] Ohio Wesleyan University student pursuing [Major/ Career Path]. Passionate about [Insert passion(s)], and contributing [Skill] to [Career Field]. Skilled/ experienced in [Relevant Skills]. Holds certifications in [Insert List].


  • Name of University, Degree Type (B.A/ B.S./ B.F.A.), City, State | Expected Graduation Date
  • Major(s)/Minor(s) | Cumulative GPA | Honors, Awards, Involvements
  • Relevant Coursework (optional). List titles of courses (can group by course type & include labs) | Separate with vertical bars.
  • Study Abroad (optional)


  • Section Title: Can be general (Relevant Experience, Internship Experience, etc.) or specialized for position (Management/ Stage Experience, Research & Field Experience, etc.)
  • Experience Ordering: List in reverse chronological order (most recent + relevant position at top).
    Include paid and unpaid positions, internships, part-time experiences
  • Position Details: Position Title, Organization, City/State, Dates, and at least 2-3 bullet points to describe skills used, gained, or enhanced through the position. For help creating your resume, come to Slocum 207 during drop-in hours (Monday-Thursday, 12– 2pm) or make an appointment online in Handshake!


  • Leadership/ Activities: Include Organization Name, Position Held/ Leadership Roles (Captain, Treasurer, etc.), Dates, and Accomplishments.
  • Volunteer/ Community Service: Include Organization, Location, Role, and Dates (can be included in ‘Experience’ section if applicable)


  • List specific accomplishments, strengths, and quantify when possible!
  • Do NOT include Personal information/ photographs (unless relevant to your career field/industry, the phrase “References available upon request.”
  • Avoid first-person language (I / Me / My)

Action Verbs

Bullet Point Formula: Action Verb + Subject + Result. (Ex: Developed strategic marketing initiatives that resulted in a 25% increase in email click rates.)

Use this list to create well-crafted bullets!

Cover Letters are essential tools in the job application process! Even if not every employer requests it, these letters can often make or break your application. Learn steps for success below!

Cover Letter Basics

  • The letter serves as your writing sample, so it must be well-written. Grammar and spelling count! A sloppy letter predicts sloppy work performance to an employer. Always proofread aloud before sending.
  • It helps you clearly articulate the values you bring to an employer and the skills that match what they want in an intern/job seeker.
  • The cover letter is supposed to help an employer get to know YOU. Don’t be afraid to add some personal flair and include some storytelling!
  • Must be personalized for each position for which you have applied or are applying to. You can reuse about 70-80% of the letter if appropriate.

Cover Letter Layout

  • Length: 1 page maximum
  • Font Size: 10.5-11 point
  • Font Style: Arial, Calibri, Garamond, and Times New Roman are all acceptable, professional, and easy to read.
  • Appropriate Greeting: “Dear Mr./Ms./Dr./Mx. [Last Name]:” You can say “Dear Hiring Manager” if no name is found.
  • Copy and paste your resume header to the top.
  • Address it to the correct corporation, person, or business. (We often see letters addressed incorrectly!)
  • Format: Submit your complete, edited Cover Letter in PDF format!

Paragraph Layout

  • Paragraph 1: (YOU): Include your name, university and year. Make sure to call out the position/organization to which you are applying and WHY you are interested. Conduct research and be specific; a targeted first paragraph is important for reeling the employer in!
  • Paragraph 2: (ME): Highlight your qualifications, personal qualities, accomplishments, and most relevant experiences as they relate to the position. Try to choose 2-3 specific points you want to make regarding these qualities, skills, and/or accomplishments. Emphasize how you can contribute to the organization’s goals. This paragraph will change according to the job/internship for which you are applying.
  • Paragraph 3: (WE): Indicate your excitement or interest and how you will add value given your background. If salary expectations or date available to begin work are requested, include a response here. Close by thanking the reader for their consideration and reiterate that you believe you would be a valuable contributor.

Below you will find resume templates to get you started as well as additional resume support resources.


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